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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't know, now you know...


Do you accept insurance? 

I am in network with Pacific Source insurance plan (commercial, only). 

I am an out of network provider for all other managed care companies, at this time, but am happy to provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

In many cases, your insurance will cover out-of-network providers with unique specialties (like mine), but you may need prior authorization for this purpose. 

Do you offer discounts or sliding scale?

I offer a few sliding scale spots for individuals based on need. Please contact me directly for more information.

What should I expect from my first session?

A place to share goals, and my thoughts on how we can best work together.

During the first three sessions we will also create a plan for care that outlines expected duration and specific interventions to help you reach your goals. 

Are you seeing people in person or via telehealth?

I exclusively offer telehealth services, at present.

I tried therapy before, how will this be any different? 

Change is the only constant in life. Just like no two people are the same, each therapeutic experience offers new opportunities for healing and growth.

Please feel free to contact me with specific questions about my approach/treatment modalities as it pertains to your situation. 

Why does insurance not always reimburse for couples therapy sessions?

Insurance companies require that I identify one person (in the couple) as the "identified patient" and attach a qualifying mental health diagnosis (e.g. Anxiety Disorder) to that person. 

As an EFT trained, systems based, couples therapist, I conceptualize "the relationship" as the "identified patient", so the same diagnostic codes do not always apply.

Previous clients have had success submitting a superbill (provided by me) to their insurance companies for direct reimbursement. This will vary based on your situation and plan type. 

I cannot guarantee reimbursement, but have had many clients be successful with this in the past, and I am happy to discuss this more with you, as you see fit. 

Contact me to set up a time to chat! Looking forward to connecting with you. 

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